4 online learning resources to help children learn at home


Vintage Tools: are they still important to our children?


Books To Read To Your Child During The Virus Outbreak

During this time of the coronavirus, it is important to educate your child on what is happening and how they should feel about it. Here are 3 books on health and emotions that will serve as a helpful guide during this period.

A Guide To Chinese New Year In Singapore

Lunar New Year in Singapore is a grand festivity. It marks the beginning of the new traditional Chinese calendar and is one of, if not the most major event here. The entire city is decorated with a hue of bright red alongside festive lights and decorations to usher in the year of the rat. Celebrations commence 25th January onward and last for 15 days.  Be sure to be graced with festive tunes,...

How To Help Your Child Cope With Separation Anxiety

When school begins, children will be exposed to a new environment and surroundings, parents will find it a challenge dropping them off in school as they experience separation anxiety. They start fussing, crying and throwing tantrums. It is normal they react the way they do as it shows the meaningful connection between parent and child. However, separation anxiety can be a very unsettling...

Places to bring your children this December holidays in Singapore

This December, celebrate Christmas and spend quality time bonding as a family with these events. Experience arts, culture and and endless entertainment to commemorate the holiday season.

Getting Your Child Ready for Pre-school

As your child transits into a new chapter in their lives, so do you. It is important for parents to prepare them for what’s ahead. Here are some ways to help ease them into the new environment easily.

The beginning of this learning phase will expose your child to new friends, surroundings, skills and emotions. This is where you see them being introduced to new responsibilities and confidence....

Happy Deepavali- Places To Go This Weekend


The festival of lights marks the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness and places an emphasis on worshipping Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Deepavali falls on the 15th day of Kartika, which is the holiest month in the Hindu calendar. It is a colorful festival filled with beautiful lights, candles, decorations and even fireworks. 

Here’s what you can do to...

Reading strategies for your child

Checklist and Tips: Choosing a pre-school in Singapore

The early years is the most important period in a child’s life as it lays the foundation to their future. Pre-school education is not only about developing skills in literacy and numeracy. It is absolutely critical in shaping a child’s personality, self concepts, social competence and overall disposition towards learning. What should we keep in mind when choosing a pre-school that will empower...

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