Is your child ready for primary 1?

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There is no secret formula in getting your child instantly ready for their next phase in life. There are however ways to prepare them for this transition and ensure their readiness for primary school.

This is where they are introduced to new responsibilities and experiences. We speak to Senior Principal, EtonHouse 223 @ Mountbatten on ways to make this period as fuss-free as possible for both parent and child.


What English language skills should my child have before entering Primary 1?

They should be able to think and listen with understanding, speak and communicate meaningfully as well as reading for information and enjoyment. They should also possess the ability to  write using invented and conventional spelling as they communicate ideas and information.


How many words should my child be able to read and recognise?    

There is no exact figure, the sky’s the limit. In the past, English was mainly taught using the whole language approach, therefore, the ability to calculate the number of words taught and learnt then differed.  However, with a progressive pedagogy and robust curriculum, coupled with the teaching of some spelling rules and a good phonics system, children can now read thousands of words, including  words that haven’t been taught in school. Instead of having to teach children too many sight words by rote, we only need to teach children some fifty most common sight words for them to be able to read most English words.


What Mathematics skills should my child have?

Recognising numbers, patterns and shapes and being able to identify and apply these concepts in their daily lives is important.                                              

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What soft skills should my child have?

You can take reference from the six learning dispositions- Perseverance, Reflectiveness, Appreciation, Inventiveness, Sense of wonder and curiosity and Engagement (outline in the Singapore MOE Curriculum Framework). At EtonHouse, our curriculum seeks to develop well-rounded individuals who are of good character, possess a positive outlook of life, are confident of their capabilities and being able to think critically; to be able to differentiate between right and wrong, to problem-solve and make good/ well-informed choices). Furthermore, they should have good social and communication skills, get along with others and work together as a team. Ensure that your child learn to listen with understanding and speak to be understood.


What other skills should my child have, before entering Primary 1?

It is important that your child can think, comprehend, converse, read and write in the mother tongue language. Essentially, well developed gross and fine motor skills and having an understanding of digital technologies is important in this digital age. Apart from verbal languages, they should have the ability to express themselves in different ways. 


A Supportive Environment 

There may be struggles along the way as your child gain new experiences in the new environment. Most importantly, be supportive of them and stay positive with them. They look up to parents as their role models and giving them your time of day to help them through this period as you encouraging them will benefit them into their adult lives.

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