Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For Children

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Make this holiday season all about family and fun with these creative craft ideas. Your children will be kept entertained and it will be a great way for everyone to bond. 

Personalised Snow Globes


(Source: Pinterest)

What You Need: 

- A small jar with a lid

- A mini toy that fits in the jar

- Glitter

- Mini Styrofoam balls

- A glass of water



Remove the lid and glue the base of the toy onto its underside

Pour glitter into the jar

Pour Styrofoam balls into the jar and cover the base

Fill the jar with water

Seal the jar with lid

Turn it upside down and shake the jar for magic


Little cotton wool snowman


(Source: Pinterest)

What You Need:

- A Cardboard

- Cotton balls 

- A mini scrap cloth

- 2 buttons

- Glue

- Scissors 



Cut 2 round pieces from the cardboard

Glue the top and bottom together to form a figure ‘8’

Paste the cotton balls on the cardboard- leave a space in the middle of the top circle

Paste a photograph of your child’s face in the space

Tie the cloth where the 2 circles join- this will be the scarf on the neck of the snowman

Paste buttons below the scarf

You now have your personalised snowman ornament


Paper Plate Reindeer


(Source: Pinterest)

What you need:

- Paper plate

-Brown coloured crayon

-Brown coloured paper

- Twigs

- Red felt cloth

- Glue

- Scissors 



Colour the paper plate using the brown crayon

Cut a circle from the felt cloth- this will be the nose

Using the brown paper, cut 2 shapes for the ears

Paste the ears at the top of each side

Paste the twigs in between the ears- these are the antlers

Using a marker draw the eyes to complete the paper plate reindeer


Mini Christmas Tree Ornament


(Source: Pinterest)

What you need:

- Colourful Ice Cream Sticks

- Mini colourful pom pom balls

- Yellow coloured paper

- A piece of ribbon

- Glue

- Scissors



Glue 3 ice-cream sticks together to form a triangle 

Paste the pom pom balls around the ice-cream sticks

Cut a shape of a star with the yellow colored paper

Punch a hole at the top of the star and tie the ribbon through

Paste the star at the top of the tree

You can now hang this ornament on your actual tree at home

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