Niru Raghuram

Niru Raghuram is a Primary Science Coordinator & Year 6 Homeroom Teacher at EtonHouse International School Broadrick. As Science Coordinator, she coordinates the development and implementation of the science curriculum with the team of teachers in pre-school and the primary years. As a classroom teacher, her focus is on language, mathematics, social studies and science. Her teaching is based on the inquiry approach pedagogy – the core philosophy of the Primary Years Programme.

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8 Tips on Raising Critical Thinkers through Science

Science is a wonderful subject. It teaches you to ask why and to really think about how things happen. To me, this subject is important in encouraging a child’s innate sense of curiosity and can also inspire a desire in them to learn more outside of the school environment. And this is where parents come in, to build a bridge between science in the classroom and in the home environment so our...

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