Mike Carrigan

Mike is from the UK and he has been living and working in Singapore with EtonHouse for more than 8 years. He was a classroom teacher for 5 years at EtonHouse Thomson and EtonHouse International Pre-School Mountbatten 718. Over the last three years he has moved into leadership positions initially at Mountbatten 718 and now at Thomson. Mike’s approach to education is strongly influenced by the work of the educators in Reggio Emilia and particularly their philosophy and beliefs regarding children.

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Encouraging your Child to Enjoy Mathematics

Mathematics is a universal language which we use to learn about and understand our world. Children of this age group generally have a lot of fascination with all aspects of it and are enthusiastic when exploring mathematics in many different situations. We are encouraged to find ways to explore a child’s interest in the subject and challenging them further. There are some great mathematical...

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