Kim Fitzharris

Kim Fitzharris is from Seattle Washington. She studied painting and drawing at The University of Washington and proceeded to work as an art teacher in early childhood education. By offering an open ended approach in art she has seen children blossom. She believes the emphasis is on the experience rather than the end product. In her free time Kim spends her weekends in the ceramic studio. Passionate about clay and wildlife she creates animal sculptures with all proceeds donated to animal welfare charities.

Recent Posts

EtonHouse Inspirations: Environments that Facilitate Creativity

What do we want a child to feel and experience in a classroom? An aesthetically and well planned environment influences a child’s development positively in all areas; social, emotional, physical and cognitive.

It is important for a learning environment to be intentionally designed and the areas well-defined for the child to self-navigate. Upon entering a classroom, a child must see how they...

Fostering Creativity: Valuing process over product

Written by Kim Fitzharris, atelierista at EtonHouse Pre-School 223 MountbattenEdited by Trudy Mossop, Careers and Resource Specialist at Child Care Resources. 

Observing a child experimenting with art materials slows down time. Children enjoy the physical sensation of paint dragging across the canvas or squishing clay with their fingers. Is there value in these activities? What does it have...

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