Josephyne Ho

Currently senior principal at EtonHouse Pre-School Mounbatten 223, Singapore, Josephyne believes that learning happens easily when the child is actively involved in the learning process - when the learning process is connected to the child's interests and abilities and when it is hands-on enjoyment. She was awarded the MCYS (now MSF) Outstanding Leader award in 2011, Singapore’s highest award in the child-care sector which honours and recognises the contributions of outstanding child care leaders.

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Parenting Tips: Helping your child with phonics

By Josephyne Ho, Senior Principal, EtonHouse Pre-School Mountbatten 223

Photo: EtonHouse International Pre-School Sentosa

Question: My son is four and he isn't doing too well in his phonics. We read to him every day but he's still having a tough time blending his words. Should I be worried? How else can I help him?

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