Jolene Lee

Jolene is the International Brand and Marketing Manager at EtonHouse International Group. She has an MBA with the University of Birmingham and has more than 8 years of marketing experience, particularly in the education industry. In her previous capacity, she was part of the pioneer team setting up an international school and she has worked in Myanmar and Indonesia.

Recent Posts

Is your teenager financially savvy?

While money is not all there is to life, it is one of the cornerstones of society. You earn money through jobs, and use money to purchase your needs and wants. It is something that children must be taught about because knowing from a young age how areas of finance impacts an individual can shape their relationship with money in the future.

Exam Prep: 5 Ways to Study Better

I remember how examinations used to weigh down on me – would I be able to answer the questions, can I sleep well the night before, what if I forgot everything I had been studying the past weeks?! Stressful as it may be, tests and exams are an unavoidable part of school life, especially when children get older and take part in standardised tests that decide where they will go for university and...

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