Bipasha Minocha

Bipasha is Group Communications Director of EtonHouse. She holds a BA (Hons) Econ, PGDip (Finance and Marketing) and Dip. Pre-School Teaching. Bipasha joined the EtonHouse Group in 2007 and has been overseeing the brand portfolio for the EtonHouse schools since then.

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The Changing Dynamics In Education

Children are born with an innate desire to explore, form hypotheses, experiment, observe, and develop conclusions. Research and data prove that children’s learning through their senses has a strong connection to thinking and understanding in science and discovery. A few decades ago, the idea that toddlers think like scientists would have been considered preposterous. Jean Piaget, the pioneer...

Is Your Child A Scientist?

All children are innately curious. They are indeed born scientists with a desire to explore, form hypotheses, experiment, observe, and develop conclusions. We see it in the myriad ways in which children demonstrate causal thinking and when they experiment with different materials to either support or negate their hypotheses. Explorations and scientific discoveries challenge and motivate...

Choosing an International School in Singapore: 6 Factors to Consider

We often talk about our children growing up in a world that is very different from ours. One that is changing faster than any of us can comprehend, where it is predicted that the top 10 in-demand jobs 6 years from now, do not even exist in the present. Where today’s learners are expected to have 10-14 jobs by the time they are 38 years old*. We are therefore preparing students for the unknown. 

Challenging traditional thinking on pre-school education

Photo: EtonHouse International Pre-School Thomson

When rote-learning can no longer promise success, or be relied on to meet the new expectations of the 21st century, we know it’s time to challenge those prized model answers.

Math concepts - How do children develop an understanding?

Mathematics is a fascinating subject. On one hand, it can be very complex and technical, used to develop sophisticated algorithms to solve problems on a global scale. At the same time, it is a tool we use in everyday life to sort, count, measure and analyse. These are all elements of Math.

Literacy In The Early Years – Do Worksheets And Spelling Lists Help?

The literacy goals and outcomes for toddlers and preschoolers have changed dramatically over the years. The emphasis is definitely on pushing the literacy outcomes associated with formal schooling down to the early years. To hothouse children into becoming ‘literate’, we have seen over the years the emergence of flash cards for babies, spelling lists for preschoolers and the expectation to...

How Can You Support Your Preschooler In Developing Literacy Skills?

Photo: EtonHouse International Pre-School, Hong Kong 

Literacy derives itself from oral skills as much as from reading and writing. The ability to communicate using language and articulate one’s thoughts and feelings lays the foundation for oral language skills. Through a variety of interactions like small and large group discussions, peer-to-peer conversations, retelling and recounting...

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